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Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

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NETWORK: QuakeNet | CHANNEL: #dnbradio


Type !help in the channel to get the current list of bot commands.

  • !np - shows the "now playing" info (current playing tune and stream stats)
  • !rate x - rate the current playing track (x = 1 thru 10)
  • !rate x your comment here - rate and comment the current playing track
  • !count - shows current listener count
  • !donate - shows donation info
  • !links x - shows the listen links (private notice)
  • !next - shows next tracks in cue
  • !update x - shows the last x tracks added to the playlist

NOT WORKING? Try these..

Alternate IRC Servers: EU / UK

Alternate IRC Servers: US / CANADA

Alternate IRC Clients

Install a stand-alone IRC client to connect to a QuakeNet server.

Supported IRC Commands

A lot of IRC commands are transparently relayed to the server. However a large number are handled seperately to make it easier to use IRC.
The handled commands are found below while any not listed will be relayed to the server.

Default Aliases

/p => /part
/me => /action
/j => /join
/q => /query
/w => /whois
/raw => /quote
General IRC commands

/msg $target $message
/action $message
/query $nick
/notice $target $message

/join $channel [$key], [$channel [$key]]

/part [$channel]
/kick $nick

/nick $new_nick

/topic [$channel] $topic
/whois [$nick]
/whowas [$nick]
/ctcp $target $ctcp_command [$ctcp_args]

/quote $raw


/ignore [$user_mask]

/unignore $user_mask
Helper commands

/op $nick
/deop $nick
/hop $nick
/dehop $nick
/voice $nick
/devoice $nick
/k /kick $nick
Server commands

/server [$server_address] [$server_port]
Client settings

/set $setting_name [$new_value]

/alias [$alias $rule]

/alias del $alias


Developer helpers

/applet $applet_name
/js $script_url

If you have any trouble connecting to the ones provided by your chat client see QuakeNet's official list of servers.

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